Tuesday, March 9, 2010

this chick is hot

Cat takes a bath.

Owen: her comic is not good but for some reason i kind of like it

her blog: http://mariakonstantinov.tumblr.com

Victor: what? her comic is hella funny, and gets funnier as you scroll down.
she is so mean to the cat. that's funny. and i read it before i saw
how hot she was so i'm pretty sure it's not just because she's hot
(though she is a "TOTAL BABE"). or maybe the fact that you even said
she was hot had already affected how i read the comic?  or maybe the
fact that the comic is funny makes her hotter?  like how the chick in
telepathe is cute but becomes a "TOTAL BABE" when she's singing and
doing "COOL FILLS" on the drum machine?  maybe also part of why she
seems so hot to me is cause the lady she draws in the comic isn't
particularly hot so i expected her to be not that hot but then so like
in comparison she's hot?  i just said "hot" heckof times.  why does
this lady draw knees as circles?  i guess that's ok. do i only think
that's ok because she's hot? no, i actually think that's ok.

Victor: yoooo also weird is how her stuff:
http://cargocollective.com/mariak#166615/SIGNS looks a lot like my
ex-girlfriend's stuff: http://kathymacleod.com/ who also drew comics
about her cat. WHAT UP, KATHY. do you still read this blog? my bad for
having an internet crush on your internet soul twin.  who's my
internet soul twin? momus? naw, that was a joke. kind of an inside
joke. kind of a regular joke.

Bob: i got to this email convo by clicking my "newer" button so didnt read the subject line before reading her comic and i can say, as a dude reading the comic without knowing she was a TOTAL BOMBSHELL RUSSO-CANADIAN HOTTIE 2.0, that cat shit was indeed hell of funny. BUT I MIGHT HAVE A BIAS MYSELF as a former cat master who spent a lot of free time making sure my cat felt sad and abused and unwanted. so like, i got the whole "ITS SO TRUE" tickles in my brain, and that felt good. Then I saw she was a HOTTIE 2.0 and that tickled me another way. and yeah her stuff is totally reminiscent of kathy's shit. though when i first read that comment i thought owen was writing it and was like "whoa owen dated kathy too?" and wondered if that was a weird tension between you two on tour and on this blog and maybe I should reread every entry on wehatethiswebcomic.blogspot.com to see if there is some underlying tension written into your conversations. but then it was you victor, and now i have nothing more to say.


for some reason, www.saddestcat.com is blocked in china. 

bob, you read your email by clicking the "newer" button?  that's insane.

i'll reread saddest cat when i get to japan.  maybe i'll think it's a good webcomic.  we've gotten kind of bad at hating on things.  i'll have to find some shitty bull shit to read.

Bob: yeah dude, i was reading an "older" email before your "newer" one, WHAT OF IT

also you're going to japan? THATS INSANE.

you gotta collect some good wacky bass-ackwards physical webcomics while youre there.

also i heard they have dirty panties for sale in vending machines.

Victor: you realize you're a white man in asia blogging about web comics, right? CLASSIC NERD!

Owen: oh god, i'm going to kill myself now.

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