Monday, August 16, 2010

we hate this web comic?

BOB: Yeah, I hate everything about this.

VICTOR: Filled with a rage I can't explain. Or can I?

OWEN: Is this a comic?  This is stupid.  I think probably most people are just "fuckwads" (what is a fuckwad?) and the Internet just gives us a forum on which to express our "fuckwad" thoughts.

Anyway, explain your rage.  I'm confused.

OWEN: Oh he makes penny arcade.  This dude sucks.

 VICTOR: I actually just glanced at this and sent it to y'all. I barely read or
thought about it at all.

Something about "hypertext" / all perception as reference ... ?

What would Marshall Mcluhan say?  (wwmms)

Same vague rage as always I guess.


I'm actually not even stoned on weed. YET!

Naw but really i gotta go leave the Internet now. Sorry to blog and run.

VICTOR: Oh wait I thought I had to be somewhere ten minutes ago but it just
got bumped to 6.


 OWEN: Are you stoned on weed yet? I don't really have anything to say.  Most of the people who act like assholes on the Internet aren't even doing it anonymously.  I think we need to all just realize that the Internet is no longer a separate thing that is not "real" and stop making inane observations about it.  But I guess we'd all be out of a job then.

BOB: This is my job?

VICTOR: Wait, Owen, you mean you haven't been paying Bob anything out of the massive amounts of advertising revenue we make from this site? 

OWEN: Bob is still working on a "trial basis."  I thought that was clear.