Friday, April 24, 2009

Pictures for Sad Children 4/23/09

by John Campbell

Owen: This comic had this sentence in my Google Reader, which is kind of funny, considering things (like a previous post and something else): "i made this comic and then you read it, we are both to blame."

Victor: Tal, do you want to guest blog on this?

Tal: No.

Tiny Kitten Teeth 4/24/09

by Becky & Frank



(Guest Blogger) Tal: I KNOW.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Horribleville 4/19/09

by the same dude

Owen: The title of this comic is "Where is my mind? (Pt1)". Knowing that makes this make a little more sense. But I think it might be a problem that we review comics without going back in the archives to read more of the comic, so we know what the fucking plot and like characters and motifs and all that shit, cause basically we're always reacting to a single comic with no context, and while that should be enough to make reasonable aesthetic judgments, and like, whatever the joke is, it's problematic in the sense that we're sort of predisposed to dislike online comics, which has more to do with our distaste for the genre as a whole, or more like the accumulated experience that we've individually had with comics, which was that we used to really like them, and now we don't for some reason. Or at least we act like we don't.

Victor: I think part of the conceit of this blog is that we both agree to ignore context despite agreeing that the only way to really understand something is to understand its context. We revel in how fun it is to stumble upon something out of context and hate the fuck out of it. Part of the fun is how absurdly little of a chance we give the comics we review. And another part of the fun is definitely what you said about how we used to like comics and now we don't (as much). It's like making fun of an old yearbook or something. I also think hating on comics is pretty funny because comics tend to be something that take a really long time to make but a relatively short time to look at. The futility of it is funny. It's like when you laugh at someone who fell over because falling over shows us our mortality or whatever. I also enjoy just having an excuse to just think "out loud" for a bit. And I enjoy having an excuse to hang out with you, friend. Blogging is very therapeutic. I'm surprised I spelled therapeutic right on the first try.

Owen: I never looked at yearbooks. I guess it's kind of like making fun of a tree house, or maybe Halloween costumes that your mom made you when you were five or something. I mean my mom made me. But it is kind of like mortality. Like when you make fun of a person it's kind of weird, because they have like a whole life, and you're just like, "Hey, fat fuck!" and that's all that happens. But the other problem with the blog is that we don't actually hate the comics enough to talk about them for more than like a sentence before we get distracted by talking about what is weird about our blog.

Victor: Imagine if we tried to turn this blog entry into a comic strip. It would take hours and hours and someone would just read it and be like, "The 'fat fuck' part was kind of funny but I actually have no idea what these people are talking about." Instead, we just blogged, and people are like, "Oh hey, another blog about something, maybe I'll read it later." And then they never do. So in conclusion, we're all going to die eventually.

WE'RE BACK! Gunshow 3/20/09

by KC(?)

Owen: This comic is pretty shitty.  Wanna blog about it?

Victor: Yeah, it's pretty bad. Let's blog about it.  "Frowns: 1" is kind of funny.  "Table? I thought we got a stable!!" is pretty bad.  But yeah this guy should kill himself.  Remember that time I drunk-blogged in all caps about how much I hated Scott McCloud?  We never published that blog post.  Was it because I was like incomprehensibly drunk?  I was 60% serious at least.  Understanding Comics was the only good thing he ever did. Oh hey, guest blogger Lee Pender...

Lee: This is stupid.

Owen: Are you saying the comic is stupid or the blog is stupid?

Victor: I think he's talking about the comic. Are you talking about the comic, Lee?

Lee: Yea.

Owen: Lee is the best blogger.  I remember that rant, Victor, it's still in our drafts.

Victor: Can we publish that shit after this?  For posterity?  I agree that Lee is the best blogger.  Very succinct.

Lee: Earlier when I wrote "this is stupid" I kind of felt like I was Owen or something.

Owen:  I don't what to say. 

Lee: Just end it there.

Victor:  You've said "I don't know what to say" before.

Owen: Yeah, I know.  But I also wanted to answer your question.

Victor: Affirmatively or negatively?

Owen: I was going to say "probably."