Thursday, May 14, 2009

MONKEY 5.11.09

by Lynda N.

Cat-Fu should only be performed by trained Cat-Fu masters.

Owen: This comic comes via Bob Weisz's comment on our last post. There were many more links. This was the first one we clicked on. There's a website and a LiveJournal. The dog is yelling at the girl because it doesn't want to get off the table.

Victor: I would say the dog is "grrr-ing." Lynda N. needs to shut up. I hate this web comic.

Owen: Your tone has gotten really mean, Victor.

Victor: Shut the fuck up, Owen.

Owen: You don't always have to use profanity to be funny.

Victor: I know, I just really like swearing.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Radical Boy Portable Page 28 5.1.09

by "Beer Before Liquor"

Owen: This comic has been in my google reader for a few weeks now, but I always skip over it because its always way too long for a web comic. I think the guy is making a graphic novella or something out of it. It's sort of about video games, I think? I'm not really sure what's going in this one, is the guy using a garden hose to masturbate?

Victor: I have no idea what the fuck is going on here. This is the stupidest bullshit I've seen in days. Nothing about this pleases me.

Owen: Oh.

Victor: What the fuck is this dude doing with his life? Get a job, man. Get a haircut. Shave that beard. Run a couple laps, you fat fuck. You stupid slob. You're bullshit. Do a push-up. Do some crunches. Cut down on the sweets, sweet tooth. What are you, ten years old? You're like a stupid baby. Idiot asshole.


Victor: This guy is like the Jay Leno of web comics.